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Dear Kiwanians,
It is during times of extraordinary challenge that the best in people emerge. I am confident that through the challenge of this pandemic the world will pull together and become better place.

During the next few weeks it is necessary for all of us to cooperate and follow the guidance of our national leaders. As a result we must cancel all Kiwanis meetings through the end of April. That includes the cancellation of our April 7th Foundation Awards. If further cancellations become necessary, the board and I will reach out to you and keep you informed.

I am excited to tell you that just because we will not be coming together in fellowship does not mean we will stop doing good works. In addition to our lunches being cancelled, First United Methodist Church is closed as is Downtown Rotary. As a result our caterer, CCD Catering, has zero work. The Kiwanis Board decided today that we would do our part in helping CCD. We will continue to buy 30 meals per week from CCD and they will In turn deliver those meals to the Daycenter for the Homeless. I have also reached out to Downtown Rotary to see if they will match us and do the same. Through this action our club will help keep a small business afloat and serve a serious community need at the same time.

While we are not meeting I ask each of you to do the following:
1. Take good care of yourselves and your families.
2. Call other Kiwanians frequently to check on each another and lift each other’s spirits.
3. Pray for the health and well being of all people
4. Pray that our club, community, state and country come out of this crisis stronger and better than ever before.

I remain highly optimistic that our best days are in front of us. Let’s continue to join in the Spirit of Kiwanis and weather this storm together. God bless each and every one of you.

President Steve

A Member Club of Kiwanis International
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